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Advanced Composite Manufacturing Solutions

Who is Calder Composites?

Calder Composites is an advanced composite manufacturer serving the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Marine, Motorsport, Transport and Medical sectors.

Andrew and his team bring decades of experience in composite manufacturing with their customer focus and passion for composites, your projects are safe in their hands

As a committed supply chain partner, we work closely with our customers to provide:

  • A collaborative approach to new product development
  • Support when you experience a surge in demand
  • Support for specialist product manufacture
  • A responsive and reliable outsourced manufacturing resource
  • Specialist composite manufacturing capabilities
  • Support for adhoc, bespoke rapid prototyping

Calder Composites are able to react quickly and operate flexibly, keeping you at the centre of all they do.

Composite Manufacturing Capabilities

Calder Composites is a one stop shop for patterns, moulds and composite components. We take great pride in our client relationships which enable us to fully understand and satisfy their requirements. If you’re looking for a flexible, responsive supplier of composite manufacturing, then look no further.

Build To Print

We provide a comprehensive build-to-print service supporting your requirements for GRP or CFRP.

Low Volume Manufacturing

We can support your requirements for low volume composite component manufacturing. If you’re looking for bespoke, ad-hoc or just developing your ideas, we can help.

Product Development Support

We can effectively and economically support your product development process from TRL level 3 – level 6.

Specialist Manufacturing

We specialise in the manufacture of components from a wide range of prepregs, such as glass, carbon, decorative carbon, Kevlar & flax prepregs.

Patterns, Moulds & Tooling

We can provide patterns, moulds and tools as an integral part of our advanced composite manufacturing capability.

Carbon Fibre

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of carbon fibre components and structures.


We provide large and small CFRP and GRP components and structures for a broad range of markets and applications.

Engineering Support 

With over 20 years of engineering experience Calder Composites can speak your language.

Who we’ve worked with

Client Testimonials

“It was fantastic to work with Andrew, who is an exceptional engineer. His vast experience in the aerospace industry, combined with his ability to lead, coach and motivate a team is second to none, and I would recommend him without reservation.

Mark Holden, BCW

“A highly reliable, committed and trusted project manager. Andrew has always delivered on his promises, providing me, as a customer, with a high level of confidence to plan around his commitments, knowing they will be achieved.

Saiedur R, Rolls Royce

Benefits of Composite Manufacturing

Take a look at why composite manufacturing could be the right solution for your project.


Composites are stronger than other materials such as steel. The two primary components of composites, fibres and resins, contribute to their strength. Fibers carry the load, while resins distribute the weight throughout the composite part.


Composites are light in weight compared to most woods and metals. Lower weight contributes to things like fuel efficiency in cars and airplanes and lighter objects are easier to transport and install.


Composites resist damage from weather and harsh chemicals which makes them a good choice for applications that face constant exposure to salt water, toxic chemicals, temperature fluctuations and severe conditions.


A wide range of material combinations can be used in composites, which allow for design flexibility. The materials can be custom tailored to fit unique specifications of each application. Composites also can be easily molded into complicated shapes.


Simply put, composites last! Structures made with composites have long life and require little maintenance. Many products made with composites, such as boats, have been in service for more than half a century.

How can we help you?

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